Soulspace Film
Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31:8-9

A well-told story can powerfully connect with us emotionally, bypass our defences, and find a clear path to our souls. Stories reach those parts of us that may not typically be open to change.

Barbara Kimes Myers

Soulspace Film is much more than an average production house.

We’re a creative company with lots of soul and a passionate drive to make an impact. Based in Oslo, Norway but making magic all over the world, we work with a network of professionals that are passionate about telling stories that matter and inspiring change. We create films, non-profit videos and events that focus on our overarching themes of faith, spirituality and human dignity with the constant intention to better lives and bring untold stories to light.

Our Films

convey well-told and thought-provoking stories that put existential questions on the agenda. We specialize in encouraging new perspectives through fictional stories, documentaries and charity films. We don’t waste our time chasing the latest, most expensive equipment or the largest film crews because we prefer to focus on capturing the raw emotion in the stories we tell and on the people who are profoundly moved by our content. In our experience, something as basic as a cell phone camera might be all we need to film in restrictive locations like refugee camps and war zones, to which a full production team would not be able to gain access. Our background in journalism and documentary production has taught us valuable lessons about the power of telling people-driven stories that illuminate greater societal issues. Therefore, we are willing to forego the frills and ‘nice- to-haves’ in favour of telling stories that genuinely make a difference.

Our non-profit videos

are made with an empathetic understanding of the challenges that your non-profit organization faces when trying to get your core message out there. Our mission is to partner with your organization in order to find dynamic solutions to these challenges and to ensure that that your story is seen, shared and appreciated. The drive to motivate and empower audiences to action underpins our style of filmmaking, which is essentially a visual storytelling device that connects extraordinary organizations with something important to say to audiences who are likely to embrace their potential to enact change.

Our retreats and events

invite you into our world, where you can learn the secrets of storytelling and filmmaking or dive deeper into the issues we explore in our films. We understand that there is so much more to filmmaking than simply making films; the process is about what happens to you when you and others see the film and are inspired to live more soulful, creative and courageous lives. We offer spaces and opportunities for viewers to engage with the topics of our movies through online and offline events, courses and retreats.

Creativity is a

We believe that creativity is both a calling and a cure, which is why we vow to use ours to bring about healing, justice and a strengthened community in the spaces where it is needed most.

Change hearts to change minds

We’re genuinely invested in the causes and organizations we work with and we believe that it is important that this standpoint is reflected in our films. We know that in order to change minds, we need to appeal to hearts, so we start with our own and encourage viewers to do the same.

No story is too hard
to tell

Whether the location is a remote monastery, a refugee camp or a warzone, we are willing to travel to the very margins of society in order to tell real and urgent stories without flinching. Simply put: we go where no one else is willing to go to get results that no one else can.

Have a story of your own? Let’s create magic together.



Through courage,

we dare to ask important questions and challenge the status quo.


Through creativity,

we believe in fearlessly blazing a new trail.


Through compassion,

we ensure that the stories that matter most get the platform that they deserve.

Thea spent most of her adult life working as a journalist and as a filmmaker, a calling that has allowed her to travel the world. She started working for a national newspaper when she was 18 years old and on national TV when she was 19 and has spent most of her adult life working in media. In addition to this experience, she has spent five years making films for Stefanus Alliance International, an organization that focuses on freedom of religion for all, during which time she reported from places like Iraq, Pakistan and Syria. She also produced two documentaries during this time, which were shown at film festivals, on streaming platforms and television stations around the world and which won several awards.

Thea’s creativity and innate spirituality stretch back to the early days of her childhood,

when she would write stories for her school theatre and talk openly to God while taking solitary hikes in the forest near her home. While she was brought up in a loving and supportive Christian family, she only started to delve the depths of her spirituality after leaving home. Her struggles with issues of identity and mental health as a young adult, inspired her curiosity about the workings of the soul and led her to the start of a spiritual search that lasted for years. She studied world religions, travelled the globe and searched for answers in different spiritual communities, meditation centers and alternative movements. It was reading the Christian Mystics that brought her back to her spiritual roots. Though today she is a committed Christ-follower, Thea admits that she often has more questions than answers. Her journey is one of constant seeking, exploring, and deepening her spiritual life – and it is a journey that she wants to invite the viewers of her films and the participants of her events and retreats to take with her.

Through her travels, she has become acquainted with everything from Koranic schools in Pakistan to Thomas Christians in India, Copts in Egypt, activists in the African-American churches in Harlem, New York and Christian yoga movements. She has seen ancient monasteries in Iraq and Turkey that date all the way back to the 300s as well as heard the stories of newly converted Christians from Muslim backgrounds in Syria and Lebanon. She has studied value-based leadership, soul care counseling and is currently in training to become a spiritual director.

Thea’s area of specialty is multicultural work that builds bridges and allows viewers from all nationalities and walks of life to get to know people from a variety of cultures and religions. As a citizen of the world herself, Thea knows better than most that unity and change will only come about once people are informed and allowed to feel an emotional connection to those they once deemed to be “other”. Through her dedicated work as the founder of Soulspace Film, Thea’s talents as a writer, filmmaker and videographer allow her to directly pursue her vision of a world where peace, justice and equality abound.