These are examples of movies from around the world made by Thea and a team for Stefanus Alliance International and other NGOs. All the videos are improvised on the spot. This is a method that can be followed for low-budget videos and in circumstances where it’s difficult to reach the people involved in advance. If possible, it’s better to use some time to plan the film and its message well – to make sure we are telling the right story.

Queen Sonja visits Caritas

A short video made for Caritas Norway about queen Sonja´s meeting with Ukrainian refugees.

Help refugee kids get schooling

A short film made for Stefanus Alliance International to raise funds for schooling for refugee kids from Iraq and Syria.

Meet Tim Peters and Helping Hands Korea

Get to know Tim Peters and Helping Hands Korea, partner of Stefanus Alliance International the 15 last years. We support rescue of North Korean refugees stuck in dangerous situations in China and seed smuggling to North Korea – among others.

Fighting for Freedom of Faith

We follow human rights activist Sajid Christopher Paul and his colleges in Human Friends Organization in their courageous fight for freedom of faith and belief for all in Pakistan.

Welcome to Anafora.

Come visit the coptic-orthodox retreat place Anafora, that bishop Thomas has built in the desert between Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt – and get to know better one of the world’s oldest church societies. (The movie is made in Norwegian for Stefanus Alliance International, but with the people interviewed speaking English).

Easter in Erbil.

The Syrian-Orthodox archbishop of Mosul Nicodemus Daoud Matti Sharaf shares how his congregation celebrates Easter in provisional church buildings, after the terror group IS chased more than 160 000 Christians from their homes.

Top Secret Bible Smuggling

Come with us to a secret base far into the Finnish forests where a huge amount of Bibles were smuggled into the former Soviet Union – supported by the Mission behind the Iron Curtain – today Stefanus Alliance International.

Mar Mattai: The Monastery of Hope in Mosul

The Syrian-Orthodox Mar Mattai-monastery from , is one of two monasteries in the Mosul-region in Iraq that survived IS-attacks. Today the monastery is a sign of hope for the few Christians that still live in Iraq.

Tao, Tea and Faith – an artist travels to China

The movie, made for the Norwegian organization Areopagos, follows the Norwegian artist Elisabeth Helvin as she travels to China to get inspiration for her art work.
Part one.