Celebrating a Year of Screenings: “Tracking St. Thomas – The Apostle of the East”

As we approach the one-year mark since the premiere of “Tracking St. Thomas – The Apostle of the East” at Vika Cinema in Oslo, the journey of our documentary has been nothing short of extraordinary. Originally broadcast on TVL in Norway and subsequently showcased in numerous international film festivals, our film has garnered widespread acclaim, particularly in India.

Premiere at Vika cinema in Oslo March 2023.

Over the past year, the documentary has earned accolades at 21 film festivals, with a notable presence in 17 regional Indian film festivals. From the enchanting landscapes of Kerala in the South to the cultural vibrancy of Rajasthan in the North, our film recently graced the screens at the Chambal International Film Festival. In January it is also being screened at the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia. 

A couple of the prices from Indian film festivals.

Director Thea Haavet expresses her honor at being part of these esteemed regional Indian film festivals, presenting a narrative that resonates deeply with the local audience. “Through the movie, we aimed to convey that the message of Christ predates the arrival of Western missionaries or colonizers in India. The country boasts an ancient Christianity and a unique tradition that predates the tales of Jesus reaching my own country, Norway, by hundreds of years,” shares Haavet.

The documentary, which has also been featured in various churches in Norway and Sweden, continues to captivate audiences. On Monday, the 5th, it will be showcased in Kristiansand south in Norway, marking another milestone in our journey.

Screening in Stockholm, Sweden.

Global audience

We are thrilled to share that we are currently working towards securing distribution to TV channels and streaming platforms abroad. Our goal is to make this profound story accessible to a global audience, allowing more people to experience the rich cultural heritage depicted in “Tracking St. Thomas.” Additionally, we are in the early stages of developing both a book and “Tomas-retreats” that will complement and expand upon the themes explored in the documentary.

We extend an invitation to congregations and groups interested in hosting a screening. Connect with us to explore how we can make this memorable event a reality for your community.

Screening in a Catholic church in Oslo.

Whether you prefer the movie in Norwegian or English, you can watch the trailer and experience it on Vimeo on Demand by clicking here: https://soulspacefilm.com/films/#TRACKING-ST.%20THOMAS

As we reflect on the success of ‘Tracking St. Thomas,’ we appreciate the global support received, along with the valuable feedback from viewers in Norway. The documentary has sought to foster cultural sensitivity and understanding, providing a glimpse into the rich tapestry of ancient Christianity in India. Many have shared with us that they had never heard about the Thomas-Christians in India, and that the documentary was both eye-opening and faith-strengthening. We are grateful for these insights, as they inspire us to continue our mission of sharing untold stories and promoting cultural understanding through our work.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

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