Gratitude and a Call to Action: Join Us in Bringing ‘The Converts’ to Life

We are overwhelmed with gratitude as we reflect on the incredible support we’ve received for our documentary TV series, “The Converts,” a co-production with TV Inter.

With just four days remaining in our crowdfunding campaign (or ‘spleis,’ as it’s known in Norway), we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the 300+ individuals who have generously contributed to our cause:

The Converts: A Shared Journey of Courage

“The Converts” delves into the lives of four politically active asylum seekers from Iran who have bravely chosen to follow Christ and get baptized, transforming not only their faith but also shaping their entire existence. Living in Norway, they face the formidable challenge of convincing the legal system to grant them residence, all while living in constant fear of persecution if forced to return to Iran.

Our documentary, unfolding through six powerful episodes, offers a profound insight into the lives and choices of these courageous individuals. Why did they choose to follow Jesus? What challenges do they face in navigating the Norwegian legal system? And just how perilous is the prospect of returning to Iran?

Mina’s Struggle and Yemane Day

In the intricate tapestry of “The Converts,” Mina’s story stands out as a testament to resilience and faith. Once a successful business owner in Iran with a comfortable life, Mina now relies on the support of good friends in Norway to navigate a drastically different reality. Her strength and hope come from her unwavering faith in God, providing the foundation to persevere through the challenges she faces.

Mina recently led an event in Trondheim known as Yemane Day. This day holds profound significance, commemorating Yemane Teferi, who passed away on January 8, 2016, after 25 years of inactivity as a non-returnable asylum seeker in Norway. Yemane Day is dedicated to all non-returnable asylum seekers living in similar stuck situations, a group that includes many converts like Mina.

During the event, Mina shared her thoughts in a poignant speech, shedding light on the harsh realities faced by long-standing asylum seekers.They are restricted from working or pursuing education. With limited exceptions, emergency health care remains their only support.

Living in cramped asylum centers becomes a necessity, as it is a condition set by the state to receive subsistence support. Many individuals find themselves sharing small dormitories with people from different countries, ages, cultures, and personalities. Constantly being moved from one reception to another adds to the uncertainty they endure.

Mina highlighted the financial struggles, with only a hundred kroner a day for sustenance. This meager allowance often means going without food on days when essential items like shoes need to be purchased. The harsh reality of hunger is an experience shared by many in this community, living year after year, decade after decade, in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

“The Converts” not only sheds light on individual stories like Mina’s, but also serves as a catalyst for broader conversations about the systemic issues facing people seeking asylum based on their newfound faith.

Your Support: A Source of Gratitude

As we express our gratitude, we want to acknowledge the incredible support from over 300 contributors who have played a pivotal role in reaching 60% of our funding goal. Your belief in the importance of bringing these stories to light empowers our team to continue this impactful journey.

Documentary filmmaking is a labor-intensive process, and your contributions directly support our cameraperson, editor, equipment, office space, travel, research, transcription, and script development – among others. The competitive landscape of Norwegian filmmaking makes traditional funding challenging, making your support through crowdfunding all the more crucial.

Gratitude for Every Contribution

To those who have already contributed, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your belief in our project allows us to dedicate time and resources to uncover and share these powerful narratives. Every gift, big or small, contributes to the success of “The Converts.”

As we approach the final days of our crowdfunding campaign, we invite individuals to join us in ensuring that “The Converts” reaches its full potential. Consider making a financial contribution, no matter the amount, to help us achieve our goal. That can also be done through the support us-page on our webpage:

Together, let’s make this documentary a reality, amplifying voices that deserve to be heard. Thank you for being part of this transformative journey.


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